Powdered Metal Sintered with Solid Lubricants


CSB85H Powdered Metal self-lubricating bushings are manufacture using a sintering process to solidify the “PM”. Suitable for high load applications or in position where the lubricating and greasing is hard to access thus dry operation may be needed. The optional backing material are Bronze, Steel or Stainless steel. Depending on the working conditions, working temperature, loading, linear speed and environmental requirement, there are optional solid lubricants such as graphite, MoS2. The embedded solid lubricant structure will continuously provide a low friction working surface to the bearing; therefore, the bearing service life is extended considerably. Compared with the traditional sintered parts, this material has better wear and high temperature resistance features.



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  1. Suitable in dry conditions, can be maintenance-free
  2. Has a high load capacity
  3. Wide temperature range -200 ℃~ +600 ℃;
  4. You can re-radiation environment and vacuum environment
  5. Material has good electrical properties, without the static phenomenon;
  6. Suitable in dust conditions / corrosive environments
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Typical Applications

Joint bushes for excavator

  • Rod-end  bushing for hydraulic cylinder
  • Link bushing for construction and heavy industry machinery, like wheel loader, dump truck, forklift, crane etc.
  • Tie-bar, Cross guide bar bushes for Injection molding machinery, die casting machinery
  • Industrial robot joint bushes
  • Guide bushing for molding equipment
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