Bronze Wrapped Bushings with Through Holes


  1. Easy of fitting and lubrication
  2. High load capacity
  3. Excellent wear resistance with lower friction
  4. High level thermal conductivity
  5. Minimum overall dimensions
  6. Chemical resistance
  7. Extended service life and lubrication intervals than normal CSB-090 type bushings
  8. Free selection of lubricants
  9. Collection of dust and rub off particles in the holes

Initial pre-lubrication at assembly is required...

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The bushings are wrapped from a cold formed homogenous bronze (CuSn8) with exceptional material properties. The standard sizes incorporate holes, which are dispersed in a special way over the complete bearing surface. These holes serve as lubricant reservoirs to rapidly build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and thereafter reduce the running friction. The material is suitable for construction and agricultural machinery etc. where high load and slow movement occur.

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Typical Applications

This type of bronze bushing is widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractors, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines. See more about bi-metal bushing / sliding bearing applications "CLICK HERE"