Bi-metal Steel Backed Leaded Bronze Bushing


Bi-metal Steel backed leaded bronze lining bushing material suitable for oil lubricated applications. This material has high load capacity and good fatigue properties. It is widely used in automotive applications such as compressors, steering gear, power steering, pedal bushings, king-pin bushings, tailgate pivots, mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic motors & pumps, agricultural machinery etc.

This Bi-metal product group can be manufactured in various configuration or customized.  

-Trust or Bearing Plates
-Flanged Bushing
-Welded Joint Bushing
-Split Joint Bushing
-Clench Lock Bushing
-Specialized machined features


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1.Bi-metal Sintered bronze layer: Good wear resistance and excellent load carrying capacity.

2.Steel backing:Setting the foundation of the bushings,the steel backing provides exceptional stability, load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.

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Typical Applications

This bi-metal bushing material is recommended to be used under the medium speed and medium load condition with oil or grease lubricating. It is widely used for motor rod ends, Kingpin bushing, undercarriage rollers, hydraulic cylinder rod eyes of construction machines and spherical joint bearings of agricultural machines. Because this material is with lead, the specific parts are not allowed to be used according to certain laws or regulations. See more about bi-metal bushing / sliding bearing applications "CLICK HERE"