From 1995 to today...We are continually growing!

1995CSB was established in June 1995, specializing in the manufacture and sale of metal plastic polymer self-lubricating bearings.
1997The first launch of solid inlay type of self-lubricating bearings, the successful introduction of plastic machinery and other tools application.
1999Obtain ISO9002 quality management system certification.
2000Expand the plant, improve production capacity, began to provide self lubrication bearings and self lubrication wear-resistant plates for the Three Gorges and Three Gorges Water Conservancy projects.
2001Copper based woven mesh self lubrication bearings and CSB-40 self-lubricating bearings for fluid lubrication were successfully introduced.
2002Different from the establishment of self lubrication materials factory, expanding material production capacity. ISO9001 quality management system certification, and successfully supporting the OEM market.
2003ISO/TS 16949 quality management system certification, the successful development of CSB850BM metal based copper alloy dispersion self-lubricating bearings.
2004Successfully developed CSB850S series of dispersion type self-lubricating bearings for stamping equipment, mold wear plate and so on.
2005Large metal base solid lubrication bearings are exported to overseas markets and used in major water conservancy projects.
2006Successfully developed, including PEEK series of metal plastic self-lubricating bearings, steel based copper alloy casting self-lubricating bearings and automotive air conditioning compressor double metal swashplate.
2007The new long Shing Road factory expands production scale and successfully develops CSB-EPB engineering plastic bearings and wound self lubrication bearings.
2008The overall move to Changsheng Road plant, the establishment of provincial self lubrication materials R & D center.
2009ISO1001 environmental management system certification, the introduction of light weight metal plastic self-lubricating bearings. The original plant sets up plastic bearing company.
2010Set up sales company, successfully developed CSB-50DH series bearings, batch used in automotive door hinge, launched the second generation of automotive air conditioning compressor swashplate, to meet higher performance requirements.
2011The head office completed the whole share reform, and introduced CSB-50MP self lubrication bearings for engine tensioner.
2012Access to the provincial innovation team and state-level high-tech enterprises title, lead-free bimetallic bearings, CSB-820 mass production.
2013Planning for new plant construction. Special bearings are supplied to Singapore National Stadium, Shanghai Center Tower as well as other large architectural projects.
2014The third generation of high performance swash plate has been developed.
2015Enterprise Research Institute has been approved. Special bearing for nuclear power application had been approved.
2016Another expansion or capacity by moving to the new location.
2017Become the published company in the stock market