Bi-metal Steel Backed Bronze Bushing with Solid Lubricants


CSB850BM bearing bushing material is a sintered wear resistance bronze layer combined with a  sliding surface and metal backing. The sintered layer is a special bronze alloy with uniform sloid lubricants such as the graphite and PTFE. When the relative movement of the working surface occurs,a continous lubricating film will be rapidly generated to protect the contacting surfaces from wearing and friction. Depending on the working conditions, Carbon steel back, Stainless steel back and Bronze back are available.

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1. Sintered bronze with PTFE + graphite: Good wear resistance with lower friction and excellent load carrying capacity. The material could be machined after fitting to get precision tolerance. CSB also can supply bearings bushings with PTFE or graphite sprayed layer on the work surface to get much lower start friction.
2. Metal backing: Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability, load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.

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Typical Applications

CSB850BM bearing bushing material has been widely used in water turbines, vane controls, injection moulding machinery, packing machines, construction equipment, tire moulds, paper production machinery, furnace expansion plates, automotive transmission, heavy Itfling chain linkage, food production equipment etc. See more about bi-metal bushing / sliding bearing applications "CLICK HERE"